Positively Petite Exhibit at Place des Arts

Sasha Fitzgerald is an artist, youtuber, and cat-adorer.

She spends her time creating watercolour paintings of beautiful women, making jewelry, working in her art journal, and making art videos for her youtube channel.

Studio Assistant, Hun-Bun
Her work has been sold at various shows and gallery exhibitions through out North America. She's also had work published in a comic book anthology, tarot deck, and coffee table art book.

Her unique illustrative style is a fusion of her love of comic book art and the art nouveau period. Her work has been greatly influenced by Arthur Rackham, Alphonse Mucha, and her fellow artists and art journalers in the online world.

More recently Sasha has developed a deep interest into the world of mixed media and art journaling and is excitedly exploring this new terrain.

//loves//crystals, disneyland, california, traveling, business, collecting art, vegetarian lifestyle

Secret passage ways and ancient ruins, far away planets and distant worlds, dystopian books and films, painting and creating anything I can imagine.

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