Can I use your images or tutorials or other content on my website or blog or other place?

Yes, but please credit me directly below or next to the image by writing: < image via Sasha Fitzgerald > and link my name to my blog. I'd prefer if you didn't repost any tutorials I've made, but you can post one picture from it, and link back to my blog where the tutorial is.

What kind of materials do you use to create your artwork?

In many of my pieces I use a mixed media technique incorporating ink, watercolours, markers, and pencil crayons. I've also started to dabble in oil painting. Some of my favourite brands/tools include Arches Hot Press Watercolour Paper, Micron inking pens, nib pens, Da Vinci Watercolours, Copic Markers, Prisma Pencil Crayons. But, give me a sketchbook and pencil and I will draw anytime! :)

Which blogs are your favourite?

I love of a mix of art/craft/fashion/travel/nature blogs.

Art blogs:

Nati Pierandrei
Stephanie Law
Brian and Wendy Froud
Naomi Nowak


Dainty Fawn
Love Elycia
Dainty Squid
This Enchanted Pixie
Caked Vintage
Briar Rose
The Clueless Girl's Guide
Delightfully Tacky
The Wonder Forest
The Nearsighted Owl
Adventures in Wonderburg

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