Friday, July 15, 2016

Pegasus Watercolour Painting

Hello everyone!

I've created a new piece for the original art auction happening over on the Femme Thou Art Collective's facebook page, on July 21st @5pm EST.

As a group, we, the artists of the collective, decided that with all the hate in the world, we needed a theme this month that would that would celebrate life and love, and solidarity with the LGBT community. What better symbol than the rainbow?

I've portrayed all the colours of the rainbow in this little missy's hair, which goes from bottom to top in the order of ROY G BIV, which stands for the colours of the rainbow in order. The unicorn horn, which I've portrayed in other works before, was inspired this time around after binge-watching and stalking Audra Auclair's youtube channel and instagram (seriously she is amazing!!).

I've also created a video of my painting process for this piece, which is up on youtube for you to watch.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pierced by an arrow

I've been really trying to improve my work (as we artists do), and I decided it was time to try using a photo reference for a painting. I don't usually do this because I struggle with drawing from life/photographs, but I really want to push my art and grow as an artist. I used a beautiful photo reference by Aimee Stock on deviant art.

This piece was inspired by a few things. The first is Mucha and art nouveau of course, with the thick outlines and separations in the hair. The second, is the works of Gwen d'Arcy. I recently discovered her artwork and am in awe. It's so beautiful!

Anyway, she's available for adoption, so send me a message if you are interested. :)


I've always wanted to create a piece inspired by Frida Kahlo. She lived such an interesting, and in a lot of ways stormy life. She contracted polio, got in a bus accident and among other injuries lost her ability to have children, as well as had infamous love affairs.

During her life she painted several self portraits, which was where I drew most of my inspiration. She is often depicted with animals on her shoulders, flowers in her hair, and her trademark unibrow. 

I've submitted this piece to a call for art at Hinovations Gallery, so let's hope she gets accepted for the exhibition! :)

Steampunk Stella

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted in this blog. I've been really starting to feel better; my anxiety is less, my tiredness is less, and my creativity feels sparked once again. I was already starting to feel inspired to create again, and then I saw a call for art for a steampunk show at Wonderland Gallery NV, and I thought, this is my chance! So I got out my tools, and created this piece, which was accepted by the gallery (yay!) and is now in their Steampunk show.

Steampunk Stella

My piece hanging in the gallery

All in all, I feel really good about getting back into art. During that the time that I've been ill, and uninspired, I felt like I was searching for my purpose, or my calling, and now I feel like I've found it again. It feels so naturally to wake up thinking about art, and fall asleep thinking about art. Art is my life. Have any of you struggled with your creativity?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pencil Sketches of Forest Nymphs

It's been some time since I worked on any art - seems like life just got in the way. I'm feeling inspired again, and have drawn out some little forest nymphs. I may end up painting the last one.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Mists of Avalon

Hello everyone!

I've been a bit vacant from the art world lately. I've been going through some health problems, and hopefully will be on the mend very soon. I can't wait to get back into gear and start making lots of art again!

Anyway, I have a piece in the Femme Thou Art Collective's July auction - the theme is The Mists of Avalon (and other Arthurian legends). I was so excited when it was chosen as an auction theme, as it was my suggestion! This month's auction is truly gorgeous; there's so many beautiful pieces I wish I could take home with me!

This is the piece I created, entitled 'Morgaine' (more commonly known as Morgana). Her story is mysterious, magical, passionate, vengeful, and also quite sad. I've seen many incarnations of her character (the show Merlin was one of my favourites), and I've always felt a kinship with her.

The Mists of Avalon - Morgaine - Morgana
I wanted to focus on Morgaine's ability of parting the mists that shrouded Avalon, and being able to see the magical world that lay beyond the veil. The mist would cling around the trees and bushes, framing the island in an eerie, mysterious way. I pictured Morgaine herself as independent yet vulnerable, perhaps a little bit bohemian with her hair and dress, and her companion 'the raven' at her side.

I used a very cool colour pallet - lots of blues - to help convey a mood of darkness and mystery.

I really hope you all love her as much I as I do! If you'd like to bid on the original piece, and/or take a look at the other gorgeous pieces in the auction, check it out here:

Mists of Avalon Original Art Auction

In other news, I have another auction coming up in August for the Copycat Violence Artist Collective. I'm not sure if I will feel well enough to finish a piece for it, but I'm certainly going to try! The theme is "Not a single F was given'. I have some interesting ideas swirling around that are quite different from this Morgaine piece. But we'll see if those come to fruition soon!

I also have a group show coming up in September at Thumbprint Gallery. I really really hope I am feeling well enough to make some pieces for it. It'll be my first BIG show, and I'd be exhibiting with so many artists I admire, like Jel Ena, Kmye Chan, Stephanie Law, and more! It's hard to pass up an opportunity like that even if you feel sick.

There's also a big move on the horizon for me - to Kelowna! But more on that later. I hope you're all having a wonderful summer, and feeling super happy and creative! Drop me a comment and let me know what's been going on in your life! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights at Alexi Era Gallery

I'm honoured to be a contributing artist to tonight's "Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights" show at Alexi Era Gallery, in St. Louis.

Human rights are something I'm very passionate about - whether it's constitutional rights, like freedom of speech and expression; women's, minorities and LGBTQ rights and equality; religious freedom and mental wellness... Basically everything under the sun that has to do with human liberty, and overcoming the barriers that stand in our way.

Here's my postcard sized painting, entitled 'Sorrow Fall'. The title means literally that your sorrow is falling away, and you're being filled with growth and renewal out of a bad situation. I have infinite faith in our ability to overcome our struggles and continue being a better species.

I created this piece over the span of a day, filled with inspiration from the show. I drew it all out in pencil, refined the sketch, inked it with my microns, and then painted it with watercolours. I added some acrylic gold touches to the nest.

I hope whoever ends up with my piece is filled with hope and overcomes any obstacles in their way. :)

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