Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn is Here!

Isn't Autumn gorgeous?

I was taking a walk outside today, on one of our rare days of Vancouver sun, and was just amazed by all of the colourful leaves; bright reds, deep crimsons, burnt oranges, golds, and a few remaining greens - nature's pallet is absolutely stunning!

With all this Autumnal inspiration at hand, I've been working on a new illustration. Just the thumbnails on some small scraps of paper to work out the composition, but so far I'm pretty excited about it. The theme will be Autumn Harvest, with a dash of Fae and Halloween magic.

I collected some of the fallen leaves for a future project. I have them being pressed between the pages of a thick book. I hope they don't become too dark or brittle. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be using them for, but I think it may become part of my Halloween decorations for a little Halloween art jam/movie night I'm having with a friend.

I'm still trying to decide on a costume though. Part of me wants to dress like a Steam Punk Faerie, and another part of me wants to be a terrifying zombie. Decisions, decisions... :P

Does anyone have any plans for Halloween?

*PS* My computer has died on me, and I won't be very active for about a week or two (need to buy new one).


  1. I will be going to the Avalon Faerie ball, and then when i'm back in Cornwall I will be going to a halloween party :)
    I can't wait to see your autumn/halloween pictures! :) x

  2. Avalon Faerie Ball... I am very jealous! Wish I could go too!


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