Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Faerie Doors

I absolutely love RoyalKitness's Faerie Doors.

Simple Rustic Fairy Portal
Each one is a fantastic piece of art unto its own. I love the wood grain texture sculpted into the door frame, the found accessories such as beads and buttons, and the cute little rope hinges that 'hold' the doors open and closed. They are truly special items!

Since I was a child, I read tales of the mystical moors, filled with faeries. It was a dangerous place to venture off to, especially on one of the Solstices, particularly on the longest night of the year, the mid summer night solstice.

Sewing Fairy Magical Portal
It just so happens that out in the moors, on the hot mid summer night, the Faeries come up through their Faerie mound, and break through their portal, into our realm. It is said they have wild parties, all appear to be beautiful, the feast lavish, and the music enthralling. They dance and dance until the sun rises.

If a poor mortal soul wanders into their gathering, they are welcomed to join the party. Unfortunately, mortals are not generally blessed with Faerie sight, and cannot see the trickery right in front of their eyes! For the Faeries are not beautiful (in human terms), with their large, knobby hands and feet, scraggly hair, and pointed ears and eyes. The feast is nothing but nature's floor, on a slab of wood, decorated with moss and dirt.

It is said that if a mortal eats or drinks the Faerie food, they will fall into a trance, be dragged down into the Faerie mound, and become a slave. A hundred years later, when all you know and love have passed from this world into the next, the Faeries will release you. Once you pass through the portal, and take your first step into the moorland, all of those years you've been gone will fall on you.  

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Stay tuned for my own interpretation of the Faerie Door...

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