Saturday, November 12, 2011

Faerie Garden

One of my dreams is to create a garden. Not just any ol' garden with some flowers here, veggies there, and a bird bath or two - but a Faerie Garden. Since I was a child I've been inspired by the story of the Secret Garden - the idea of finding a skeleton key that opens a secret door into an abandoned sanctuary where magic lives has always appealed to me.

On Halloween day, I decided to go out and take some photos of some of the decorations people were putting up (and I happened to meet many friendly neighbours). Then I found this lady and her Faerie Garden, Halloween was forgot, and I clicked away!


  1. The faerie garden is amazing. Love the photos :)

    In my garden I have planted several varieties of flowers that are said to be favoured by the faeries, and I like to think that there might be some faeries there :)

  2. Oh there most definitely are! :D What types of flowers are those?


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