Monday, December 19, 2011

Along Came a Spider - WIP

A little shot of a work in progress. I experimented by laying down a wash of light peach (in watercolours), adding red to the shoulders, cheeks, nose, etc... and then when it dried I shaded using Copic Markers. Interesting effect, though I wish the shading looked smoother. I'm still deciding on whether to paint the hair a whitish beige, or blacks and greys (drastically different choices, eh?). I'm also wondering about the dress.. and am thinking of doing a lace pattern (but black or white lace?!)... :]

This piece is inspired by the Enchanted Visions theme of 'Along Came a Spider', and the fae's name is Astrid (named after a friend of mine), and is pronounced AUS (like AUS-tralia) Treed. ^_^

A close up of Astrid


  1. like the pinks you put in!! i myself am struggling with adding pink cheeks in very well atm...:( but i dont have any copic markers (on my wishlist thats for sure!! they seems amazing!)

    its hard to say when it comes to color choices, id say light colored hair...and a light dress lol. but you dont need to listen to me.
    for some reason i just keep thinking her eyes explain all the darkness in her.

    cant wait to see it complete ^^

  2. It is coming along beautifully :) Can't wait to see it finished.
    You have given her a lovely name! (My great grandmother was called Astrid too).

    Hope you are fine, Sasha :)

  3. PlantieBee:
    Thanks! A teacher of mine at school drew where all the warm tones and cold tones of a face should be. It was very helpful... maybe I will make a little tutorial on that. :)

    Acrylics are a very challenging medium to me. I don't generally use opaque paints all that much. I like laying colour down light, and shading it layer by layer. With acrylics it's the opposite, start dark, and put light colours on top. It doesn't make any sense to me haha! I envy those like yourself who can paint so beautifully with opaque paint! :)

    As for copics, they are WONDERFUL! :D My favourite colouring medium. If you decide to get them, and have any questions about how to use them, let me know :) I found them very hard to use at first.

    As for Astrid, I'm thinking of doing light hair and a light dress too, and making her background darker. Thanks for your advice ^_^

    Thank you! I love the name Astrid, I think it's very beautiful. :) I'm doing pretty good, hope you are too. :)


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