Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blue Themed Pendants

Lovely new art pendants, themed with the moody, wintry colour of BLUE!

I hand painted them all, and the square one measures just under 1 inch x 1 inch. It's quite a fun challenge to create miniature paintings like this. I use a super tiny paint brush, and carefully paint the light penciled drawings. I'm always amazed by how much bigger and glossy-er the images look when the resin is sealed on top. It's truly a magical moment when I see all of my lovely art pendants laid out on the table. They're my little treasures. ^_^

I plan to update my shop over the next few days with all of the new art pendants. It's a bit too late to make it for Christmas shopping, but they'd make lovely New Years gifts! :)
Which one is your favourite of the three? I'm quite partial to the unicorn on the left, myself. :)


  1. Those are amazing, Sasha, and such lovely colours!
    I really like them all, but my favourite is the tree :)

  2. Thanks Hilde! :D
    The tree seems to be a favourite of everyone. Someone suggested putting the tree in the cameo shaped frame (the center pendant), and I think I might try it! :)


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