Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lady Gaga & Product Placement

Oil Painting of Lady Gaga - by me (Sasha Fitzgerald)

After watching Lady Gaga's music video 'Telephone', I suddenly have a hankering for Wonderbread & Miracle Whip Sandwiches, Virgin Mobile, and Plenty of Fish. Why's that?

Her music videos are full of random product placements. I decided to go on a treasure hunt to see how many I could spot in her nine minute music video 'Telephone' ft. Beyonce. Here, I present to you my findings.

The music video 'Telephone'

Lady Gaga's brand of ear phones. I want the ones in red.
A tasty blend of Diet Coke Cans & Chanel Glasses
A fellow inmate sneakily grabs Gaga's LG cell phone (Note: Virgin Mobile)
Then they go for a close up shot to make sure you can read the screen
and see the phone flips open with a little keyboard.
HP Envy ‘Beats Limited Editon’ laptop from Monster.
Aha! The security guard is caught looking for love on Plenty of Fish.
They go in for another close up to make SURE you can see this site is
about online dating.
Lady Gaga, spokeswoman for Polaroid, using one of their cameras to take
shots of Beyonce while she's singing and driving.
Then they go in for yet ANOTHER product close up shot. Notice every
thing is out of focus except the brand name 'Polaroid'.
OH WHAT?! A polaroid BOOTH?! 
And just in case you missed it, they zoom in on the word 'Polaroid'.
Then there's the Chevrolet, or as Gaga & B lovingly call it, the 'Pussy Wagon'
A little close up of the Chevy
Gaga holding a bag of WonderBread
A close up of Gaga closing the lid on the Miracle Whip

What's your stance on product placement in music videos, television shows, and movies? Can you spot any more product placements in this music video?? Do you suddenly have an urge for a wonderbread sandwich and an LG cell phone, too?


  1. lol this is soo not surprising. shes a smart lady, make money for everything!!
    but no, no hankering for wonderbread or an lg phone. nice try though ;)

  2. Yeah, she's a very smart lady hehe :)
    Some of her music videos are so random, that I'm wondering if it's because she bases them off the products...

    Imagine what sort of video you would make if you were selling, say, Revlon Lipstick, Goldfish Crackers, and refrigerators, lol. That would be an interesting video indeed. :P


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