Friday, February 24, 2012

Glass Leaf Beads & other Pretty Things

Hello Lovelies!

Forest Elf Ear Cuff
I've been selling quite a few of these ear cuffs lately - simple silver wire, with a glass leaf dangling at the bottom - and I've started running out of the leaves. I contacted my supplier, who I bought the leaves from several years back, and found out they've stopped selling them! I searched online, but to no avail. So sadly, it seems that only a few more of these will be made, and then the twisted leaf will be gone for good.

They will however be replaced by some of the new leaves I purchased today. I'm excited to try out some new shades of green and turquoise, and new shapes of leaf. I think they will be perfect for my Elven Fae Ear Cuffs. :)

A deep forest green glass leaf

A light olive green glass leaf

An unusual turquoise blue glass leaf

I was on shopping roll and got a few more things while I was at it.

Pink Opalite 

Antiqued Bronze Ferns

White Rondelles with Lilac Finish

Gorgeous Blue Tear Drop Crystals

I'm really excited to get to work with these new materials. I find the colours and textures just so inspiring!
This is just the beginning though - my mother and I have a huge plan in the works, that we hope to share with you in a couple of months time. Until then, it's top secret! :P

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