Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #04

1. Let's kick off with some fabulous friday tunes, care of David Bowie

2. A Gorgeous retro style/mod cameras from La Sardina



3. An Inspirational Quote

4. A gorgeous photo composite by Nicole Ninjaa

Via Nicole Ninjaa
Maybe on another world the sky really looks like this... :D

5. A Bedroom - by Anuk

View a larger size here
Ahhh! I want this room!

6. Seance by Korintic

View it larger here
I am amazed by all of the details and movement in this piece, along with the creepy atmosphere. Truly beautiful illustrative work. 

7. Cleveland Natural History Museum (bird nests) by Kaylah

This gorgeous shot (done on film - so need to try) has started to inspire a new illustration!

Ian - who somehow, in his gloriousness, makes even this ugly ass hat hoodie somehow sexy. *mystified*

Hope you're all having a fabulous friday!


  1. I had a fabulous Friday Sasha, I have to tell you, I love the green camera as green is my favorite color and the picture of the night sky is incredibly beautiful:)

    1. I'm glad to here that Launna! I hope your weekend is even better :) I loooove the green camera too :D and the sky is just... heaven!

  2. That is one of my favorite inspirational quotes, haha. Another is: "Let the bridges I burn behind me light my way." ;) I also love the seance pic and those bird nests!!!

    1. hahaha I love that quote too XD I may have to post it on my next Friday faves. I think I have a bitchy/crude sense of humour LOL!


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