Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IDEA Gradshow!

Last night I attended the IDEA Gradshow Gala, at Harbour Center, in downtown Vancouver.
(This is that program I was in that I had to leave because of my anxiety, which you can read about in previous posts under personal)

I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them. I can't even explain how challenging the program is, but trust me, to graduate from it is saying something.

I feel like I should feel jealous, or feel bad about myself for having not graduated too, but I don't. These folks are like my family, and for them to succeed, means in a way that I succeeded too. Like they graduated for me too. I really appreciate how they made me feel like I was still a part of the team even though I wasn't physically there. It really means a lot to me :) They are some of the best people around. :)

I managed to snap a few photos at the gala and thought I would share them with you. Sorry to anyone I didn't photograph - the place was packed like crazy!

Illustrations by Bekah Aitchison

Illustrations by Karen Joy Picketts

Design by Sarah Eno

Design by Sharon Hsaio

Design + Illustration by Stephanie Sturm

Design by Nathan Nicar

Congratulations guys! Goodluck to you all! 
(if I manage to snag any other photos off fb I'll upload them here ^_^)

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