Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Etsy Jewelry Packaging

I love packaging. Make that, ADORE packaging (which is like a radical, obsessive love infatuation party). Don't you love it when you get an order in the mail and the shop owner/artist put extra love and care into their packaging? It almost feels like a bonus gift to me!

A lot of handmade shop owners (esp. Etsy Jewelry, and handmade crafts), have such whimsical, quirky, & interesting packaging, that they've designed themselves. I was inspired by many of the shop owners out there to design some of my own card backings (printed on recycled paper), for my small jewelry orders (like ear cuffs, earrings, rings, etc..).  

Handmade Copper Ear Cuffs

I designed the card backings in Photoshop 7. I used what appeared to be a royalty free image of a Paisley pattern, for the background (I intend on redoing the Paisley design myself when I get the chance just in case). And then, using the pen tool, traced out the profile of a woman's face from this stock image. I really didn't like the results of the traced profile, and instead started over, using the photo more as a visual inspiration for how I wanted the profile view to look. I have to also comment on how gorgeous the model from the stock photo is. She's pure inspiration. 

Wire Wrapped Copper Ear Cuffs

I love the jumbled look of all of the little copper ear cuffs dangling off of the card backing. I think it makes a really interesting composition in and of itself. Each ear cuff is attached carefully by hand, by punching a small hole with a pin into the card back, and tying it on with wire. It does take time to put each little cuff on, but I think it makes for unique packaging and presentation.

Jewelry Packaging - Copper Ear Cuffs

Then for the final touch - a sheer white organza bag! It really brings a touch of gifty whimsy to the whole enchilada. I designed the cards to fit perfectly into these specific tiny organza bags, though you can't really tie the drawstrings, lol.

Here are some photos of some of my other ear cuffs in varying states of packaged-ment.

A Very Elegant Elven Ear Cuff with a glass leaf. Unfortunately this design has sold out. 

Two lovely Ear Cuffs, perfect fantasy jewelry for Elves and Faeries
A Copper Steampunk Inspired Ear Cuff

A perfect ear cuff for a little woodland Fae

Hope you liked this little peek at my packaging design!


  1. Love your packaging idea - so creative. And I love your elven earring cuff - beautiful!

  2. These creations are absolutely fantastic! I love the sparkling ideas. This is really fabulous! Thanks for sharing such wonderful and truly amazing post!


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