Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super Messy Art Desk

That severely needs a cleaning. Has yours ever been as disasterous as this, or dare I say it.... WORSE?
And also provides an interesting game of eye spy with my little eye.

Messy Art Desk
Can you find the...

  1. Pikachu
  2. Cork Bulletin Board
  3. Nail Polish Remover
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean Paraphernalia
  5. Thrifted Candle Holder  
The list could go on, but fortunately, it won't, LOL.
I'll post a picture when I get this disaster sorted out. (╥﹏╥)


  1. Whenever I see someone post pictures of their craft/art area.. I wonder if they actually use it. Clean, practically bare desk?! No way. Mine looks just like yours!

    1. Hahahaa! It's funny you mention that cause I always wonder the same thing! I do use my art desk on the rare occasion that there's actually space LOL. I always work better in an organized environment, but don't happen to be very keen on the organizing of said environment, haha!

    2. Haha need a back up desk for photos!!

  2. Looks like mine right now....Mine is piled with last week's shopping spree, which included batting(for dolls I will me doing soon), a bag of easter eggs, wire, felt and with today's trip to micheal's(micheal's has a sale today and tomorrow on microbeads, glitter and flock at 50% off, so you know we had to go a shopping for more goodies, lol), heck looking over there now, I see a cake mix and frosting(don't ask why, cause I couldn't tell you, lol)

    1. Oooh sounds like an awesome shopping spree! I'm always amazed by the non-art related things that pile up on my desk too hahaha! It's like a magnet for clutter. D:


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