Sunday, April 15, 2012

Woodland Adventure

It was a beautiful, warm sunny day yesterday (which is a rarity in these parts), so me and my mum went on a  woodland adventure. 

As you can see, spring has sprung! Flowers are in bloom, the leaves are started to unfurl, and the breeze is thick with pollen. My favourite time of year!

white blossoms

Ghostly Blossom Tree
I brought my Canon Powershot with me (a simple point and click camera), as I planned to walk for quite a while, and didn't want to bring my bulky, Nikon d60. Well, I can't even tell you how much I regret that. The forest was beautiful and in bloom - and - I - couldn't - capture -it. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful things I wanted to photograph, and capture just as they were, and my shitty little camera just couldn't do it. My camera turned greens into pale, over exposed, blue toned, lifeless forms... Because it was shaded in the forest, and I don't use the flash setting, if I didn't hold my hand perfectly still, the image would blur like crazy (which turned out neat in the shot above).

I was verrrry disappointed. So I've resolved to share the semi-okay photos with you, and go back to the forest and take new pictures with my Nikon, and show you the difference in quality. Silver lining, eh?

Mom, enjoying a cup of tea, while we walk.

Beautiful, gnarly branches
Spooky mosses covered the tree branches like wisps of green hair.
Maybe faerie hair? :P
A beautiful, three petaled, lily-like plant.
When the light is just right, my Canon can take decent macro shots, even though
the colours are still quite off. 
fungi, mushrooms, fungus
My most interesting find! Cute little faerie sized cups covered this branch.
I'm guessing they're some sort of fungi. If anyone knows what kind, lemme know :)
From this angle, they almost look like little upturned bells.

Mum, walking ahead of me while I take a picture of the path

Salal - a plant that has many uses.
It's said to be a distant cousin of the blueberry plant. It produces edible berries of
its own, which taste rather perfumy. (I wasn't really a fan)
Secondly, it makes GREAT toilet paper for doing a number two in the wilderness. It's a
tough leaf, and the back side has ridges. Too much info, lol? It's common knowledge when
you're a wilderness camp counselor, lol.

A purple flower, for a budding berry. Probably my favourite photograph of the day.
It's under exposed, which I like at times (and was surprised my camera could capture that)


When we were leaving the park, the sun was going down, and as it did, it was poking through the trees, asking to have its picture taken, so I obliged ;)

Spring feels great. I love the feeling of life, and renewal; the scent of flowers blossoming, and little buds turning into big green leaves. It's wonderful!

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