Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #06 Mushrooms!

1. Enid Collins Vintage Wood Box Mushroom Bag

This fabulous purse was made by Enid Collins in the 60's. Vintage and Groovy!

via Haillais {it's for sale too!}

via Haillais {it's for sale too!}

2. Japanese Washi Tape!

via Little.Happy.Things
I'm obsessed with these decorative washi tapes from Japan. Several months ago I bought a bunch of Washi tapes from some etsy sellers. I use the tapes to seal the envelopes on packages. I found these lovely mushroom and wildlife tapes featured over at Kaylah's blog, and had to repost a link to them! ^_^

3. Mushroom Buttons

via WindyLegend
Looking at these cute little wooden mushroom buttons makes me think of how I need to sew a cute blouse just so I can have an excuse to get these...! But, alas, one of the things I don't know how to do is sew clothing. Maybe I will just get a thrifted top, and replace the buttons with these? YES!

4. Glow in the dark Faerie Fire Mushrooms 

via Forest Organics
These are real, bioluminescent mushrooms, which you you can buy and grow on a log. I really want to try it!

5. Women's Mushroom Neck Tie

via FlapperGirl
This is SO adorable. Definitely lusting after this accessory.

6. Mushroom Print

via machelspencePHOTO
This photograph is so lovely. It shows how strong life is, and how it will always find a way to survive, even on a pine comb.

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday!


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