Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stuff to do lists are awesome

To Do list ~ inspired by Kaylah
 I have a HORRIBLE memory, and love my to-do lists. I don't know what I would do without them!

Watering the Strawberry Plants.

They need to be replanted very soon, as some leaves are turning yellow, and I've read that means they need more nutrients. The cute little watering container is a thrifting find, and was hand painted in Japan. I love little treasures hehe.

Lunch! Tomato Soup and Crackers
Lunch was super yummy! I heated up some organic tomato bisque soup, and assembled a plate of Trisket Crackers (loooove them), cheddar cheese, brie cheese, and pickles. We are lucky to have a good friend who's husband is in the cheese delivery business... they give us tonnes and TONNES of cheese that fills up our freezer lol. Thankfully cheese IS my favourite food ^_^

Packing orders
Ahh the glamourous work of packing orders.

Hopefully tonight I will finish the prizes, and send them out! But better not jinx myself! Hope you're all having a lovely Spring day. :)


  1. I'm with you- I totally list everything. Couldn't so without it!

    1. They are the best, eh?! Order from chaos! :P

  2. Cheese is my favorite food, really what food is not better with cheese on it, lol. Okay a few things but honestly most food is better with cheese.

    I used to do lists when I was younger... they sometimes make me feel like a failure.. when I can't keep up.. I just do the best I can :)

    1. YES! A fellow cheese lover! :D
      Aww! Well as you can see only a few things are checked off on my list (and my list is really simple lol).


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