Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #10

1. Cat in a Box

So darned cute! Makes me think of this face :3
Believe it or not, Honey's pupils get HUGE like that too when she's up to no good.
via Mike

2. Cat Post-its

Okay... maybe not cats, but they're cute as cats!
I've got lots of white gel pens, so writing on them should be easy.
Got them at the grocery store.

3. The most fertile man on Earth...

Just cause it made me lol C:

4. Best side car ever.

I want to know who is sitting in the side car, lol
5. Cute chevron patterned camera bag

via WatermelonWishes

via WatermelonWishes

I'm starting to think I need a good, easy to use, camera bag/purse. My camera case is really uncomfortable to wear, and doesn't provide very easy access to my actual camera. I really like this cute little bag, but it won't fit more than one camera, so alas, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect bag.

6. Color Me Katie

via Katie
Color Me Katie is my new favourite blog! She has such a creative, fun blog, I definitely recommend checking it out. She makes a lot of nifty home decorations, and has done some really fantastic work in improv & street art. Seriously, a very entertaining blog. Let me know what you think if you visit Katie's site.

7. Evil Owls

The funniest part about these owls is the quote that someone wrote describing the scene:

"Owls confirmed to be the creepiest birds ever. LOOK AT THE FUCKING THINGS. If you fail to notice the one on the left fucking SWALLOWING a rat, then you have the dude singing some satanic chant or something next to him, and then you have those two other fucking psychos synchronized to make you feel creeped the fuck out with their soulless dance of FUCKING DOOM." -

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! I'll post some pics of my super fabulous craigslist treasure tomorrow! :)


  1. Want that Kitty so bad! Adorable!
    Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog x

  2. I'll have to go visit Kate's site once I read all my blogs..:)

  3. The bottom owls was hilarious, can not stop laughing. And wow @ that car!


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