Monday, June 11, 2012

My Wishlist

I have a current obsession with all things minty green - including, but not limited to, cameras, nail polish, typewriters, and of course my dream retro vw bus!

I also happen to be extremely passionate about each one of these items. The nail polish, which I would apply as mint green on the base, and dots of black on top, would make my nails look just daaaahling. I'm also really diggin' the black nail polish's label - tres cool.

The typewriter is kind of a mysterious curio for me. I have memories from my early childhood (late 80's to early 90's) of typing on a typewriter and being utterly fascinated by it. I love that you can type directly on the paper, in the moment, mistakes and all, and when you're finished, you can hold up the piece in your hands like a work of art (rather than just view it on a screen, or wait for a printer to reproduce it). In all likelihood, this gorgeous teal typewriter you see pictured will actually be mine! It was yet another craigslist find. I have some ideas of what I would like to create with it... which I keep a secret until I can create and share it with you. ^_~

Next on my list, and a particular item I've lusted after for ages, is the retro vw bus. I've seen them around town, rusted, old and falling apart, as well as the newer pastel painted versions. I freaking love them. It has a classic look, and says pure adventure to me. I can imagine myself traveling around to different art shows across North America, selling my wares straight from my bus! I think that would be such an awesome experience.

And lastly, the Diana f+ lofi lomography camera, in Neptune Green. I've spent the last two days doing a lot of research on these cameras. I have a lot of experience using a dSLR camera (thanks art school!), and I've been itching to try my hand at film. I love the instagram styled shots that you can get with an iphone, but really can't justify spending that huge of a sum of money on a cell phone + plan just for the pretty pictures (I also can't afford it hahahaha & the other useful features aren't necessary to me or my biz right now). But a camera, though it's pricy up front, doesn't come with a three year crazy expensive plan. The only fees are in the cost of film, batteries, and lab fees; and I get the chance to learn a new art, and have some awesome film adventures.

Here are some examples of the types of photos you can take with the Diana, via lomography:

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my wishlist! Are there any particular items you've been wishing for too?


  1. That VW bus looked mighty nice. I did have a bright orange 1973 VW bug that I loved and had so much fun driving around town. I sold it three years ago and used the money to buy my favorite guitar. It was a matter of sell one toy to buy another. I hope your wishes all come true, Connie :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Connie! I hope they do too! :)

      Your orange bug sounded fabulous! I bet you'd get a lot of looks when driving around town in it. It's too bad you had to make the trade off for a new toy, but I suppose life is full of compromises. ^_^

  2. I love this minty green color too... Oooooh, especially the nail polish

    I want a lime green VW bug, it is something I have wanted for over 10 years... of course I will have to learn to drive first... haha

    1. I love minty things so much!!!! Even the taste of it drives me wild LOL. :P

      You and I will have to take driving lessons together haha!


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