Thursday, July 26, 2012

Basic Jewelry Supplies

Hello everyone!

I absolutely LOVE getting packages in the mail, and because I have to order supplies for my businesses online, I get packages nearly every day (at least lately lol).

For this post, I'm just going to share the "basics" with you. The basic jewelry supplies that I always have to have on hand, so that I can fill lots of orders quickly for my customers.

1. Black Chains

I got a bunch of different styled/sized black chains for some anklets I'm making for the shop.
I love black everything - I am extremely pale, so black items really stand out against my skin. The little black feather beads were such a wonderful find. I was smitten the first time I saw them, and have ordered 32 more today!

Black Chain, Black Anklet

The first "prototype" anklet I made. I love how the silver jump rings contrast the black. 
 2. Silver Plated Wire

Where would I be without wire? This is the item I run out of the quickest, aside from chain. So I made sure to order a few spools this time, and will likely have to order more again soon.
Silver Wire
 3. Gold Plated Chain

I ordered quite a bit of this. I'm super excited to get started making some pretty gold necklaces. ^_^

Gold Chain
 4. Silver Plated Chain

I purchased even more of the silver plated chain. I usually use more of this than the gold, anyway.

Silver Chain
 5. Silver Jump Rings

You can never have enough jump rings! I found an awesome deal and got thousands of these little buggers.

Silver jump rings
 6. Silver Heart Clasps

These are just so sweet. When I saw them, I instantly knew I had to get them. They aren't a conventional lobster claw clasp, but I think they're waaaay cuter.

Silver heart clasps
Tomorrow I'll share some of the gorgeous crystals and stones! 
Stay tuned!

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