Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Artist Studio

Welcome to my cluttered art table, filled with jewelry supplies, and other shiny treasures. 

The table often takes turns between being a painting space and a jewelry making space. These particular items are for our new shop, Sparrows Trove. I've taken a few preview shots of some of the jewelry that will be available when our shop opens. 

As you can see, lots of little trinkets, pendants, and necklaces abound! I've been busily putting all these pieces together, in the hopes of opening up our new shop by the beginning of September. The items in the new store have a completely different style when compared to my other jewelry shop, Neckline Designs. Sparrows Trove will feature affordable fashion jewelry, that's in style and on trend. 

We're really excited to launch this shop, and will definitely be offering some sort of giveaway or special discount when it happens. 

I'd love to hear which piece is your favourite so far! :)


  1. So excited when the shop opens! I really love these pieces

  2. I think the leaf is my favourite, but all your jewelry is beautiful.

  3. The Leafs for sure are my favorite :) Beautiful.

  4. I took a couple of jewelry making classes and I love it, but I had to give up making jewelry because I have way too many interests. I had to cut back on some of them. You can only focus on so much in a day.


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