Friday, August 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #13

Lomo Cameras (my wishlist)

Over the past few months I've been blogging fairly regularly & visiting my favourite blogs daily. I've been very inspired by all of you bloggers out there, and keep finding new things I want to try, or create, or visit. One hobby I've developed a love for is photography; one, for the art in general, and two, because of the awesome bloggers out there creating inspiring photos.

Ever since I got my digital slr camera from school (Nikon d60) three years ago, I've become pretty obsessed with photography. Before that, photography wasn't an art to me (at least not my own photography lol), but now it's a really big part of my life. 

Even though I'm familiar with digital photography (and LOVE it), I never really got into film photography. The thinking process is a bit different, and physical film is much less forgiving to the newb. So I kind of just avoided this traditional media foe, and stuck with digital. 

Then I made a life altering discovery.

To me, they aren't toys at all. They might be made of plastic, but the results they yield are unexpected, magical, surprises. They create a surreal atmosphere, with the help of light leaks, serendipitous blurring, and contrasting colour. They're a completely new art form for me.

I've already shot my first two rolls with my thrifted Diana & lomo fisheye, and am waiting to finish off another four rolls before I get them all developed (if I have the patience to wait, haha). 

Holga 135 Camera via buyholga

Holga is one of my favourite lomo cameras, especially this version. While I'm not a fan of using a flash, it would definitely be fun if you could use coloured filters over top, which would make the photo look like it was taken under a blue/red/green/yellow light. I also love the pastel colours they come in, and the retro feel. The only downside with the Holga is that it isn't as customizable/doesn't have as many accessories as the Diana f+. I still have my heart set on getting one though!
Lomo 3 Lens Action Sampler
I just bought this little 3 lens action sampler for super cheap on ebay and can't wait to try it out! I love the cute little "face" the lens holes make... it looks like a cute green alien or something. Here are some examples of the types of photos this little camera takes. (note: I did not take the photos, the credits/links are captioned below). 

via Omur
via Alper
Twin lens reflex

This awesome little guy is a build it yourself camera. You receive all of the pieces and assemble them yourself. One lens is a view finder, and the other is the 'picture taker'. It's fairly inexpensive, at 11$, and includes free shipping. I think it would be an excellent project to build with kids, or for yourself. They'd also make great party favors on a special occasion. 

LensBaby offers a line of lens accessories for Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras. The lenses are really, really neat. They allow you to take very artistic shots, messing around with focus and blur, as well as positioning of the lens. It almost gives you the effect of a lomo camera. Very neat, and definitely on my shopping list!

Hope you enjoyed learning about the cameras on my wishlist. Do you have any on yours?


  1. I love the purple camera and the lime green one you like, two of my favorite colors... I miss you on Facebook too but at least I am still blogging:) This is helping me, to center me and giving me a little perspective:)

    1. I miss you too! <3 I hope you gain some peace during your break. Social networking and all that can be overwhelming, and I take breaks from time to time too. :)


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