Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I was featured on Bloggers.com!

Yesterday I awoke to find many new people following me on my various online haunts, and finally figured out why.

I was featured on BLOGGERS.COM!!! Thank you very much to the editor who picked my blog to feature. This blog is my personal space to just "be", and the fact that others want to "be" here too, amazes me! :)

click image to enlarge
Thanks again for everyone's friendship and support. I really do treasure my online community like a family.

My tendinitis seems to be healing up pretty quickly, so I'm going to try to post daily once again. ^^


  1. That is awesome Sasha, I remember when I was chosen, it feels wonderful to actually get chosen and high lighted:) Congratulations you deserve it:)

    1. Thank you madam! :)
      It really does feel awesome to be recognized. ^_^


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