Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back!

Kelowna was great. I had a lot of fun, and got to spend some quality time with my favourite people. I did lots of painting, got to hold a baby kangaroo, and play cod zombies with my gaming buddy. Good times!

Unfortunately, while I was gone, my cat figured out how to open the living room window, and escaped. She's been gone for three days. She only comes to me when I call her, is very skittish, and small. I am so incredibly worried about her. She's normally an indoor cat, though we have gone for walks together, so thankfully she's fully aware of where "home" is.

I called the SPCA, and they said they'd let me know if anyone brings her in asap. I put her kitty litter & food on the balcony, in the hopes that she will be able to smell her own scent from a distance. I walked around the block last night calling out to her (and instead another black cat came up to me and demanded to be pet). I'm going to go out for a walk right now and look in another direction, in case she went that way. Tomorrow I'm getting posters printed, and will put them around the neighborhood & contact my close neighbors.

My little darling means so much to me, and I feel responsible for her escape... and the danger she may be in. If only I had been here... I might have been able to prevent this from happening. :(

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on the search. Please send out good thoughts & prayers that our little fur baby finds her way back home!

x Sasha


  1. I seriously hope that she returns back home soon. :( Keep strong lovely, this is no way your fault!


  2. Oh, Sasha!!! I said a prayer for her and you. Posters are a wonderful idea, and also have you checked to see if your city/state has free online classifieds? Many do. Even CraigsList. Anything will help!

    Also, does she have a special collar or is she microchipped? I ask because years ago, our kitty got out and when we called the animal shelter, they said no cat with his collar came in... than we realized he WAS there, but his collar was missing!!!

    I wish you so much good luck in finding her!!!

  3. She's so beautiful Sasha, I will have Valentina pray too


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