Friday, November 23, 2012

Casual Cute and Quirky + Neat Reads

Cute, Casual and Quirky!

I love this combination of colours. It's soft, yet the amount of texture and patterns create a lot of interest. I think my favourite item below is the purse (which I could totally see myself carrying around on outdoor adventures), closely seconded by the plaid blazer. The blazer has circular elbow patches in the dark brown which looks super cute. Oh do I ever wish I had a huge wardrobe budget!

Casual Cute and Quirky

Neat Reads - My Wishlist

I generally buy fantasy and young adult novels (and kids novels too), but if I were to pick up a set of quirky, well designed books, focused on humour or beautiful imagery, these would be the ones! I'd really love to get the Zombie Survival Guide & State of Craft.


I hope all of my American friends had a fantastic thanksgiving! :)

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  1. Wow, those nails are so gorgeous! I reallyy want to try that some time
    And hahaha The Zombie Survival Guide sounds like a great read :P


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