Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little bitty artworks lately

I'm working on my big painting for the Grimm art show in Nevada, which is still in it's pencil stages (ack! I know) and in the meantime have worked on these little aceo cards (2.5x3.5 inches). 

The first one is a girl amidst some art nouveau plants. The colours are a bit off, so I'll definitely be scanning these three later and reposting. 

The second one is a practice for the piece I'm working on (basically a colour test). I like how it's looking, with the paynes grey/mid night blue clouds, white birch trees, and bright red hood/capelet. I hope the colours look as striking on the larger painting. 

Amongst the flora - $45 msg if you're interested :)
Little Red Riding Hood - $40 msg if you're interested :)

The last painting you see here is my finally finished, FOREST ELF! Woo! 
She's for sale, so msg me if you're interested in purchasing. 

Better get back to my big ass painting on the table.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. Never knew you were such a good artist! That painting's so pretty :)

    1. Aww well thank you! I guess I should feature artwork more often! :P

  2. These are awesome Sasha, good luck on getting the big picture done :)

  3. I love Amongst the Flora. Very nice work Sasha. :-)


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