Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Colourful Fairy Tale

I've raided Modcloth's new arrivals section once again, and present you with my current favourite items (the bangle is from etsy). I am not generally a fan of this shade of blue and red together, but the whimsical red riding hood pattern is just too charming to resist, and the red buttons are such a cute touch!

Another favourite item is the limited edition the Hobbit Moleskine notebook. It's seriously gorgeous, and would be such a treasure to own (seriously, something you might keep as a personal heirloom). There's an incredible amount of detailing work in the black area of the notebook (I think it's the map), and the red dragon design looks like it shimmers a little.

The last item I'll write about is the wooden polaroid style necklace. I think it's an awesome idea, and would be a fun creative project to make on your own, and perhaps place an instagram style photo inside. I'll have to look into making one! :)

Well I'm headed downtown to set up our table for the craft fair on Saturday and Sunday (I'm writing this post a day before). I'm super excited, yet kind of nervous too! If we sell well, IPAD here I come!

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  1. These are cute, especially the cute little tiger cup:)


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