Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Influence Map

This is an influence map! It features everything and anything that I find inspiring. I filled one out after my pal Sara filled one out and suggested I should. The whole influence map thing has been pretty popular on deviantart for a long time, so I was pretty sure I'd already made one, just didn't know when or where it was. Well soon after I finished making this one, I found the old one I had made previously, back in April. Funny thing is, both maps feature several of the same images, but in different ways. I guess I know what I love deep down, and all of my maps will probably have similar imagery throughout my life.

Influence map via - click image to enlarge
1. Peter Pan
This movie was my warm milk before bed, my soother, teddy bear, and nightlight all in one, as a child. I'd watch it when I was sick, I'd watch it when I couldn't sleep, I'd watch it when I woke at 3am (and over and over until my parents woke up). I'd even dream about flying with Peter Pan and the lost boys, as Wendy. Something about this movie really appealed to me - the magic, the idea of never growing up, escaping life to have adventures in Neverland... it was just the perfect childhood movie for me.

2. Woodlands, Forests, and Greenery
I feel most at home in nature. Fresh air, and lush greenery inspires and relaxes me like nothing else. My imagination seems to spark with all the possibilities and secrets the woodlands hold. In the woods, you're amongst creatures that have seen many more years than you have or will ever see (trees). I find this fascinating and mysterious.

3. Diana F+ Camera
This film camera produces whimsical, dreamy, unpredictable photos. I luckily happened to find one at the thrift store a few months back and love it dearly. I'm still waiting to save up enough to purchase a lens for it. :)

4. Love, Elycia & the Dainty Squid
These ladies blogs are so inspiring! I check them both almost everyday. These two girls live very creative, inspiring lives, and are always up to something nifty.

5. Pride & Prejudice
This is one of my favourite novels! I must have read the book three times. That Ms. Austen sure knew what she was doing. The main character, Lizzy, is quite witty and charming, and her romance with Mr. Darcy is the stuff of epic romantic-tension-filled legend. My favourite movie adaption is the BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

6. The Art of Brian Froud
I remember seeing his Pressed Faeries book when I was about ten or eleven, over at a friend's house. We were both obsessed with Faeries and the Faerie realm, and this book was a holy relic to us! As I've grown and become an artist, his work has continued to inspire my own. :)

7. The Art of Arthur Rackham
This man. Oh this man. Seriously one of the most amazing illustrators to have ever lived. To me, he is the epitome of the Golden Illustration period. I'm ashamed to admit I first heard of him in my art history class a couple years ago. I can't believe I've missed out on his work my whole life up until then. He is a huge inspiration to me.

8. The Art of Kmye-Chan
I discovered this lady a few years ago and have been a huge fan of her artwork ever since. I love the strangeness and femininity her work exudes, as well as the way she paints emotion, textures, and dresses. I would love to live for a day in her head. If I was to choose a favourite artist currently living, she would be it.

9. The Art of Loish Van Baarl
I also discovered her work a few years back. Her upbeat, energetic paintings, are always stunning to behold. I love the painterly way she paints digitally, as well as the amazing, yet subtle textures she achieves. Hands down, Loish is my favourite digital artist.

10. Lady Gaga
Some love her, and some hate her. I'd be in the first camp.
I don't usually love every song an artist puts out (esp. the ones that aren't featured tracks), but in her case, I actually do (minus a few like Paprazzi). I think she's an amazingly gifted singer, and I love the creativity and story behind her work, as well as her unique personality and fashions. She also talks a lot about not being accepted by people (esp. in highschool), and that's something I can really, really relate to. She gives a sense of liberation and freedom to be ourselves and love ourselves for all the whacky strangeness we are.

11. The Art of Alphonse Mucha
This man was the pinnacle of the Art Nouveau Movement. His work has inspired so many artists over the years that I'm sure many of you out there are familiar with the style. The parts of his work that have influenced my own, are the thick outlines in the line art, as well as the love of insane details.

12. Galaxies
The planet - solar system - space - exo planets - nebulae - galaxies - THE UNIVERSE is a wonder to me. I absolutely believe in intelligent life outside of Earth (I think it's ridiculous not too. I mean, look up the stats on that). I often wonder what it would be like to interact with intelligent life forms, to learn their beliefs, history, technology, and all things unique to them. The universe is so gigantic, and almost as endless as my questions about it. Part of me hopes that when we die, all of our questions about the universe and the purpose of life, are answered.

13. Mushrooms - Amanita Muscaria - Fly Agaric - Toadstools - Faerie Rings
I've never seen one of these mushrooms, but I hope to one day find one. I've often seen them depicted in Faerie art, and I think it would be amazing to see a forest ground full of them!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Feel free to make your own! (there's a link below the image of my map to the photoshop template)

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