Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 in Review

January tends to be one of the coldest months of the year, where I live. It's also pretty dark, cloudy, and rainy almost every day. To be honest, it's not one of my favourite months. Everything is dead and dreary outside (and I'm cocooned, hibernating inside) waiting for spring to arrive. During my hibernation, I spent lots of time working on new wire jewelry, and just developing my etsy shop in general. 

The Sun has finally come out from the clouds to say hello! That golden glow of Sunshine is so warm and rejuvenating. I miss it so much during the winter. My creative endeavors for this month were spent tinkering around with jewelry, experimenting in the kitchen, and painting many ACEO art cards, in an attempt to rediscover my art muse.

It became warm enough outside to actually lay out in the sun for a couple hours. Oh Sun how I've missed you! This month I got a special hammer for making hand hammered jewelry. I couldn't afford a smooth block to hammer against at the time, so I went in search of a flat-ish rock that suited my purposes. I also tried my hand at sculpting with polymer clay, which I really, really enjoyed (and need to do more of in the new year!). I also 'rediscovered' the X-Files tv show, and watched it like a crazed addict (and omg had the biggest Mulder x Sculley crush ever). 

April was a beautiful, beautiful month. The blossoms in my backyard/courtyard started to bloom, the sky was the richest shade of cyan blue, and Easter had arrived! I spent lots of time making jewelry, including a copper, hand hammered spiral bracelet, polymer clay leaves dusted with sparkly mica powders, and attempting to sew a Victorian inspired wrist cuff. 

As the months progressed towards summer, the days just kept getting more warm, sunny, leafy green, and beautiful. I went on several 'photo walks' in the wooded parks near my house, grew strawberries on my balcony, watched the Chickadees fly about, the new baby geese appear, and the flowers bloom. I also went to Science World with Lauren and her cousin, and had a wonderful time investigating all of the scientific wonders within!

I hope you're all having a wonderful New Years Eve!
The next six months recap is coming up! :)


  1. Sasha, you have created so much beauty in this past year... I look forward to 2013:)

    1. Ah! You are so sweet! <3 thank you! *hugs*


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