Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art and Depression Dammitttt

Well today is one of those shalajbksjasaBLAH posts.

I am busy and have lots to do, but I'm tired, broke, and desperately need a cup of coffee (even if just for a temporary rush). But I will settle for tea. I'm out of my favourite one (a yummy raspberry one made by lipton I think).

Anyway, I feel bleh, and I needed somewhere to say that. Even though things are looking up, I feel stagnated in my head. Like stuck in the mud (or soul sand, if you play minecraft).

I'm a little lonely too. And I want to go to Paris, today. I feel young, dumb, and immature, and yet like I'm aging too fast (I have way too many grey hairs... sad face). I just hope I make something out of this thing called life. I guess that's what we all hope for.

I want to take my camera and shoot the hell out of stuff. Go on adventures, take some chances, make some mistakes. Get a tattoo, or pierce something naughty.

Forget professionalism (at least for today).

Do you have any advice on how I can get out of this three year long funk? I'm getting tired of it, and bored out of my mind. One can only paint and make stuff so much until they go bonkers.

Here's some art I've been working on:

The Swan Girl, oil on wood, for an upcoming show
at Blackbird Studios in June. 

I hope you're all having a better day than I am. I think I'm going to make that tea now. :)


  1. I am sorry to hear you are in a rut... I know that feeling. It is so hard to yourself feeling good when you feel that way.

    I must say you create such lovely artwork when you are in a 'funk'

    I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Come to Faerieworlds with meeee!!! An adventure and an entire festival to be your photography studio. Doesn't cost much, at least when compared to Paris. Fun little trip to get you started.


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