Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winsome Decay

Good news! I was accepted into the Portobello West Market!!! Hurrah!
The tricky part is figuring out how I'm going to pay for it. It's going to cost me $400 smack-a-roos. I'm going to see about possibly paying in installments, or getting an extension on the deadline, or, if it comes down to it, pan-handling. Just kidding. ;)
Thank you to all those who wished me luck!

Now, onto arty things. I've been making progress on 'Winsome Decay', a painting I meant to finish for the Femme Thou Art Collective's June auction. It's turned into a really complicated piece, which means that it will take me longer to finish than I originally intended. It will still most likely be available in my shop unless it's sold before that time.

The theme of this piece is 'Life Springing From Decay'. I brainstormed a lot of different ideas along the vein of rebirth, cycles in life, things dying while other things are thriving... I think I captured the idea best with the bird's unhatched eggs in the nest, which rests inside of a skull. It's like the unborn life is being protected by the outer shell or husk of what used to bare life (and now in a way it will aid in baring life again). The mushrooms, while a subject of great interest to me, especially make sense to the theme in this piece. They are things that feed off of other things that are in a state of decay (or will be when the fungus gets to it!).

All of these different pieces are juxtaposed together to create a new meaning... new possibilities. The ultimate symbol of life in the nude female form, she who gives birth to all. But she's also there because she represents the soul. She's the shell giving the soul life and existence in this physical plane. Once she's gone and decayed, the soul will live on. A bit of morbid mixed with beauty.

>> This post will be updated with more pictures until this piece is finished 


  1. Congratulations Sasha and getting in to the Portobello West Market, that is awesome!!! xox

  2. Congrats!! :D your work is AMAZING. Do you plan to sell prints?!

  3. Congrats on getting into the event! I wish you all the luck there!
    And I love this piece so far! Keep it up!

  4. Oh congrats on getting into the market!! Woo to the hoo! I cannot get over the beauty of this and can't wait to see what she looks like coloured. <3


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