Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peridot Birthstone Painting

For this month's Femme Thou Art Collective auction, I created a piece inspired by my birthstone, Peridot (August born). I was initially worried about having to draw and paint gem stones, esp. in such a pale tone as lime green, but I decided to step up to the challenge and do it. 

While this piece is only letter size, the girl herself is much larger than I usually draw my figures. To be honest, it was much more challenging getting proportions right, and colouring things in. I definitely need to start working bigger! I'm still debating on whether I should have punched up the warm tones in her skin, and if she hasn't sold by the end of the week, I might just do that with pencil crayons; but I haven't made a decision if she even needs it yet. What do you think?

As for her lacy top/tattoos, it was a bit of a last minute thing that I doodled with the paint brush, but I'm really loving it. Perhaps I'll try doing even more detailed tattoos on a future painting? I've also noticed I seem to have developed an interest in gravity defying hair, and things falling down from it. It's kind of funny, because I have no idea why I like drawing hair that way. Maybe in a future painting I'll draw a whole world wrapped up in a lady's hair? Who knows!

Anyway, hope you love this piece as much as I do. I think Peridot may be my new favourite piece. ^_^
PS: Let me know if you're interested in a print! :)

Here are some photos of this piece in progress from instagram (@ sashafitzgerald):


  1. Sasha you are so talented, I love how you create such beauty :)

    1. Thank you for all of your sweet comments my friend! :)


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