Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Greetings all! I'm a little behind on my arty posts (among other internet things). My computer has been running really slow lately and I'm not sure why. It seems to be fine when it's not using the internet though, and I ran virus/adware scans. Perhaps it's just my internet connection?

Last month I created two pieces for the Femme Thou Art Collective's 'Moths and Melancholy' auction. I was really pleased with how my piece Melancholia turned out, and how perfectly she fit her baroque style frame.

The response to this piece was really overwhelming. It's funny, but I never know how fans will react to a piece I make. Some of my favourites aren't popular at all, while ones that I'm not too fond of are big hits.

Well with this piece in particular I had 'that weird feeling' while I was making it that I was making it for someone else. As if the fate of the painting was already written before it was even hatched. I just knew that it already belonged to someone. It was a really weird feeling. It sold immediately in the auction, so it appears that my gut feeling was spot on! :)

Here are the progress pics for the creation of 'Melancholia'. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the 'making of' pics! If you have any questions, let me know. I don't bite! ;)

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