Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Faerie Door

Lately I've been experimenting with polymer clay (specifically Super Sculpey), in an attempt to make a Faerie Doll.

I got a little side tracked when I saw the Faerie Doors/Portals of  Royal Kitness and just had to try and make one of my very own.

I wish I had taken some before photos of the Faerie Door, it looked A LOT different from what actually came out of the oven.

So I burnt my first sculpture pretty much to a crisp. It got all warped, blackened at the top, and looked really quite strange. But after the smoke cleared, and the stinky/toxic smell of the clay went away, I kind of liked what I saw. The piece took on an unexpected, slightly unnerving, macabre, and twisted appearance.

This is my little Faerie Door! It's full of Red Capped Toadstools/Agarics, surrounding the entrance into the realm of the Fae. I brushedit with gold paint, accentuated some of the back details, and from wire I'd baked into the clay, I hung some Swarovski crystals.

It really makes me think of something straight out of the movie the Labyrinth. It must have been so much fun to design those sets!

Here are a few more shots. I added a touch of atmospheric setting to them. Click to enlarge them.


  1. I'm amused at the fact you burned it, as i've done exactly the same! But, what I love is the fact you still used it, and it still looks amazing! I couldn't tell the difference that you burnt it! :D xx

  2. Cute!! That is too precious. You really have a talent for this!


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