Thursday, October 6, 2011

Krafting with Kids


Nearly every weekend my mom's friend comes and stays with us, with her two children and dog (otherwise her commute to work would take 5 hours there and back).

It's my opportunity to get away from the computer, give the crafting, painting, business, and Etsy a rest, and just have some fun. Last weekend I brought out the polymer clay, beads, and paints, and the three of us set at creating!

Here are some highlights from that day (accept the first photo) Click to enlarge:

Us at Playland gobbling candy apples. I'm wearing the hot pink scarf.

This is ten year old Marcus' Leaf. He sculpted and painted it all by himself!

This is fifteen year old Lauren's abstract piece. I love how colourful it is!

 Marcus asked me to sculpt something boyish for him. 
So I made him an evil alien scull pendant! 
He painted it gold, an I attached it to a chain for him. 
I also painted red flames on his hand. :P

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