Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Do List

***edit*** feels good to get a majority of work done! Lists for the win!

When running your own business & working from home, I find it easy to get distracted, or forget the main priorities of the day. Making lists is a simple thing I do to keep organized. 

Here's today's list. I'll keep you updated with photographic evidence of my progress :P 


  • Fill out Market Forms
  • Work on Website - specifically design a splash page   >>>>See it here!<<<<
  • Mail Orders
  • Paint (I've been putting this one at the bottom of my priorities for far too long. Today I'm making myself a promise to paint and will post the work in progress here.)
  • Write Graphic Novel Scripts - I have two main ideas floating around in my head. One is set in a fantasy world where people have magical powers, and the other is set in a futuristic dystopic world with zombies and star ships and a character named El'Rae
  • Sculpt a miniature Faerie Village (this is on the list for a project in the future)
  • Collect Sticks to paint white for jewelry display purposes

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