Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Season


Well the Christmas rush is almost at its close.

This was my first year getting into business, and I feel that I've come a long way. I learned many important things, explored so many different mediums and crafts, and had my first customer interactions.

I have to admit that things got pretty crazy around November/December on Etsy. Over the few months I had been on Etsy, averaging one-two sales every week or two, it was a bit of a shocker once Christmas season hit. I had a huge increase in sales, and started running out of crafting supplies as well as packaging supplies! I had to restock envelopes, wires, organza bags, beads, ink cartridges... oh my!

Having your own business also means having a lot of worries. Such as will it fit the customer? Will they like it in person? Will it get lost in the mail? Will it reach them quickly?

Even with the added stresses that owning your own business can bring, it also brings you many positive things as well. You arrange your daily schedule, control the artist vision, have one on one interaction with your customers, and you don't have to work for 'the man' (instead you work for many lol!).

I also realized that every handmade item that I make, has a piece of me in it... my original ideas and designs, whimsical notions and random feelings... And some amazing people out there are putting value in that. It's really very neat. ^_^ So I suppose this is a bit of a thank you to everyone who has been checking out my shops, and supporting me and my artwork. Thank you. :)

Here's a shot of some of my packages that went to the post today. They are from a mixture of my three, yes, THREE Etsy shops: NecklineDesignz SashaFitzgerald PositivelyPetite


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