Thursday, January 12, 2012

Handmade Wire Wrapped Steampunk Ring

Hello Hello!

Lately I've been tinkering around making handmade rings. They aren't perfectly crafted yet, so I'm weary to put them up for sale until I've made a few more. I just thought I'd share some photos of my new favourite design that I made last night. I think I may have to keep this ring for myself because I've fallen in love with it! I'd love to hear what you guys think of the design. ^_^ If you're interested in seeing more of my handmade wire jewelry, take a pop over to my little shop.


  1. Totally awesome!! For my own taste, I like more of a simpler design ... but for a steampunk ring, it's perfect! :D

  2. Thank you both! :)

    @ Karen I've been also thinking up some simpler designs too. Something like the one here is a little too fancy for regular wear (ex. doing the laundry while wearing is not a good idea. It SNAGS EVERYTHING lol).

  3. Hehe yeah that could happen! Maybe for special occasions only :)

  4. Nice job, I think they are very cool and unusual. It's jewelry like this that I don't see everyday and love it!


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