Friday, January 20, 2012

Sketch Dump

My favourite one first! This sketch makes me think of the Green Lady. I imagine she would have wild hair that waves in the wind, with bits of bark and leaves and critters hidden within.

I have a tremendous fascination with long necks and elongated limbs. They're so alien, yet so elegant. Reminds me a bit of an article I read in National Geographic about a tribe where the women wear rings around their neck and it elongates it over time. It's interesting all the ways different cultures treat body modification.

I draw a lot of profiles. I really love the crisp defined shapes of the nose and lips in the profile view.

As you can see, my sketches can be rather haphazard and scribbly. This is pretty much how I start my paintings too - accept the lines are a bit lighter. I try not to worry about anatomy or making sense in my sketches. It's all about experimentation.

I love exaggerating anatomy and perspective; It's fun to break the rules sometimes ;P This sketch makes me think of May Day and a deer woman with oak leaves in her antlers. Something very feminine and pensive.

This is an example of a sketch that's inspired by my love of anime. I love how expressive eastern eyes are. Expression is something I'm trying to work on in my illustrations ^_^

Thanks for taking a peak at my sketches. I'd love to hear what you think [:

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