Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vasya & Honey

Wintry greetings to everyone! <3
Last weekend we adopted a second cat into our home. His name is Vasya (pronounced VAW-Suh), and he is three years old. He's on the right. Honey, a cat we adopted last July, is a year and six months old, is still quite tiny, and is in the lower left. We chose to adopt adult cats for two reasons - one, it's hard to find homes for them because kittens are more popular, and secondly, kittens are a lot of work and fuss. I much prefer a big cat that likes to snuggle and purr.  

They are both Long haired & pure black, and have a similar facial structure. Neither one likes to be petted for long, but they do like to snuggle, and roll around, belly up. 

Honey and Vasya have seemed to take quite a liking to each other. For the last day and half they've grown much more comfortable, and are now chasing each other (in play), and sleeping next to each other. It's very cute, and they both seem happy. 

As for Vasya's behaviour towards us, his human caregivers, he is quite indifferent. I think he prefers my mom to me (which is fine because I have my Honey). He also scratched us up the first few days (which we attributed to nerves and stress). He's not doing that anymore, especially since we started using the spray bottle for behaviour problems. 

I hope it works out for Vasya, and that he will become a permanent member of our family. He's already passed the most difficult of tests, and befriended Honey. :)

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