Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shopping day

Owning and running your own creative business involves a lot more than simply creating and posting a handmade item for sale. You have to take care of packing and shipping materials, displaying and photographing your items, and researching how best to position them in the handmade online market.

The pleasant part to this, is that you feel very proud of your work, and are willing to invest far more than 8 hours a day to make it a success. You also aren't chained to a desk from 9-5, and have the opportunity to go out and drive around, appreciate the beauty in the world around you, while doing errands/picking up supplies.

As a person with anxiety, this type of work suits me well. I find one on one customer service rather stressful, and the buzz of real market places tend to overwhelm me. Being able to work from home, create and share my work online, and only venture outdoors when I feel comfortable, is a great relief to me. I hope to slowly build up my online shops so that I can make a full time living from home.

1. Pick up packaging stuff at the print shop. 

I love the people at my print shop, Minute Man Press.
They are very dependable,  affordable, and realiable.

2. Appreciate Art & Nature in the city

Beautiful murals adorn many of the older buildings.

You can see the beautiful cloud covered mountains poking out.

Birds on a wire.
There is something so graphically pleasing about this imagery.

Our famous Science World dome is centered in the photo.
You can also see numerous Canadian flags on the left hand side.

I've driven past this tree for years, and it always has the same two
giant nests. I can't help but wonder if squirrels live there or something.

3. Pick up jewelry display stuff & packaging materials

I sneakily took some photos inside the packaging supplies store...

My favourite display, full of organza bags!
I bought this black velvet bust display for my pendants.

4. Go to jewelry store & get supplies

My jewelry store is located in a beautiful, quaint little village area.
The lights on the trees are always on. :)

Mom walking toward the jewelry store.

Yay! Pretty jewelry crystals, charms, and chain.

5. Dinner time

Yam cones are the best!!!

6. Work

Something new I'm making called Ear Drops

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my day. [:

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