Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Hilde, from Norway, has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you for the honour my friend, I'm glad you find my blog interesting! :) Make sure to check out her blog. :)

The Versatile blogger award rules are:  that you should pass it on to 15 blogs you thoroughly like to read, and let the bloggers know they have been nominated.
Then you have to share seven things about yourself.
Finally you have to thank the award giver and link back to them.

Nominees (I hope you don't mind if I share some pieces you've made):

Erin Kerr - Erin is a really good friend of mine who also happens to share a passion for art and manga. She makes beautiful art nouveau-esque illustrations, and her attention to texture and detail is just astounding! She also creates adorable paper dolls, and writes and illustrates her own comics. You don't want to miss her!

© Erin Kerr

Plantie Bee - Christina is a very friendly artist living in Sweden. She works primarily with acrylics, depicting beautiful feminine women, in a fantastical atmosphere. I always look forward to Christina's blog updates because she often shares her work in progress! It's absolutely amazing to follow one of her pieces from start to finish. Watch out for Plantie Bee, because I think she's going to be the next big artist in the fantasy/pop surrealism movement.

© Plantie Bee

Crystal Rainbow - Crystal Rainbow, an artist from Cornwall, creates beautiful Goddess paintings, with bright bold colours, that really celebrate the Pagan way. She also shares photos of her adventures which are lots of fun to explore!

© Crystal Rainbow

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff - Mitzi is an incredibly talented digital artist. Her work has a very Japanese manga aesthetic, which I adore. I always look forward to seeing Mitzi's newest artwork for the Enchanted Visions project, which she contributes to regularly. I wish you all the best in your future career Mitzi!

© Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Nati Pierandrei - If you haven't heard of Nati, you must live under a rock! :P She's an Italian artist, with a manga style touch to her work, and a colour pallet that reminds me of the old masters paintings. She makes paper dolls, comics, and lots of other nifty things. I definitely recommend you check out her blog.

© Nati Pierandrei

Seven things about me:

1. My name is Sasha, (pronounced Sahhh-Sha). I'm 25 years old, single (hopefully not for long!), and live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm a published fantasy illustrator and comic artist, and I also dabble in jewelry making.

2. My zodiac signs describe me very well; I'm a Leo & Tiger, and both under the fire signs.

3. I love post apocalyptic, dystopic zombie infested worlds, as well as the Victorian Era with all of its particular rules and manors of society, and fantastic literature. I have very conflicting interests, lol.

4. I love to learn. My love of learning has motivated me to learn many different skills, including drawing & painting, photography, web design & basic coding, and jewelry making. To stay forever young, is to never cease learning, I say!

5. At one time I had dreams of becoming an archaeologist, and even took some courses in college related to that field, but found myself day dreaming all the time. I was more 'in love' with the romantic idea of finding lost treasures and going on adventures (think Lara Croft Tombraider or Indiana Jones) than doing studies and writing fifty page reports. I began to discover that being creative was my true calling, whether in the form of art, stories, costumes, or jewelry - it had to be full of imagination and creativity to satisfy me!

6. I have a funky little anxiety disorder and I'm currently very overweight. While both these things, in their nature, suck, they have taught me many important lessons, and given me strength. Through these experiences, I've learned to be less judgmental of others, have compassion for those with mental illness, and know how to fight for what I really want, even if at times I'm battling against myself. Possibly the most important thing I've learned (and am still learning), is to value yourself for your positive qualities and negative qualities. We're all works in progress.

7. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE conspiracy theories. Aliens, Gov't Conspiracies and Cover ups, and the like fascinate me. I'm not a believer or disbeliever (unless there's proof, what's the point?), but I love imagining all of the possibilities that lie hidden in our universe.

I do, however, firmly believe that life outside of Earth exists (whether plant, animal, and/or intelligent), and hope that within my life time proof of that is discovered and shown to the world.

Thanks again for the nomination Hilde! It means a lot. Go check her blog out everybody! It's awesome! :D

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