Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paintings and Sketches

A painting I started over a year ago. I was working on Arches Cold Press watercolour paper, which I found really difficult to paint on, because my illustrations are so line-dependent & detailed. The only areas I tend to leave for
happy accidents are the background elements. Hopefully I will find the inspiration to finish this piece one day soon.

Dragon Lore is coming together. I've gone with a purplish pallet for this piece, along with some frosty grays, to emphasize a cloudy, stark atmosphere. 

An illustration I drew a while ago of mermaids. It's not finished yet
(obviously, lol).  When finished, it should look somewhat like this piece:

An ink drawing. You can really see my love for
 the Japanese manga aesthetic. I also have a love
for fashion, which is why I didn't finish the arms,
Another example of my messy sketches.
I was planning out my ideas for 'A Dark Undercurrent'.

Spindly Spider Lashes. 

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