Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cooking with Philly

Cooking Creamy Pasta with Philadelphia Cooking Creme Sauce

My favourite all time food is probably cheese, and the wide array of items it comes in. I love cream cheese, cheese cake, alfredo pasta, cheddar popcorn, Brie, vegetarian pizza with lots of cheese.... basically cheese, cheese, CHEESE!

Knowing this, it's easy to see how I couldn't resist trying Philadelphia's new Cooking Creme sauce (pictured below). I picked up the Herb & Garlic flavoured cooking creme, ravioli pasta, and lots of veggies, with plans of concocting something tasty for dinner.

Step 1

Boil some water & while waiting, cut up the veggies.

Red Pepper, Frozen Peas, Spinich, Green Onion, White Onion

Philadelphia's new cooking creme sauces.
This one is Herb & Garlic flavour.
Olivieri's Spinich & Cheese ravioli. 

Step 2

Add ravioli to boiling water. The ravioli cooks really fast, so make sure to watch it. If it starts to puff up, break apart, and the filling comes out, they're definitely done. I try to take them out of the pot before this happens. (cooking ravioli takes 3-4 minutes)

Put the cooked pasta aside, and bring out the skillet (or frying pan). The burner/element is already pretty hot from boiling the water, so I only put the heat on medium. Then I melt some butter (or olive oil) in the pan and  wait for it to bubble. 

This is the fun part! Add the veggies to the pan, as pictured below, and watch them sizzle.

When they start to smell really yummy and get all carmelized, you can add the cooked pasta and the sauce. Mix them them together, and let them cook until the sauce is bubbling a bit.

This what it looks like when you've added the pasta and sauce to the pan. Yummy, creamy, cheesy goodness!

All that's left is serving it up.

I quite enjoyed this meal. The onions taste really yummy, and the pasta itself is delicious. The sauce is good, but a little on the sour side - probably because it's made with cream cheese. I still found it delicious though! Let me know if you end up trying it out, or having any recommendations for me! :)

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