Thursday, March 1, 2012

Faerie Ear Drops & Precious Things

These are my pretty, dangly ear drops. :)

They fit really nicely on the ear, and the balance and weight of the spirals and beads keeps it on the ear. I'd like to try making some with little bells next. 

Here are two ear drops I've made. The first, is out of copper, and the second is silver plated.

I started making ear cuffs (and now ear drops as well), because I don't like wearing regular earrings. One of my ears was pierced on an angle, making it really difficult to get the earring in. Also, after only a few hours of wearing earrings, my ears get super itchy and irritated. I would never dream of wearing earrings overnight - my ears would probably be giant red puff balls. 

So I started tinkering around with copper wire, and came up with easy to wear ear cuffs, that that look pretty and don't irritate my ears.  

If anyone is interested in owning their own lovely Fae ear drop, let me know! I will charge $25 + shipping cost. 

Copper Ear Drop - makes me think of Egyptian Queens,
endless desert vistas, and sandstone palaces. Perfect for the gypsy in us all.

A little detail of the bottom part of the ear drop. You can see the
hammered spiral, a large bi-cone crystal with Aurora Borealis shimmer,
as well as the wire twisting around the beads above it.

There is something so wonderful about spirals.

My favourite ear drop. It dangles so beautifully. ^_^

A sweet little antique silver Faerie Charm.

My actual tools of the trade. When you use a hammer, you have to have
hard surface to hammer against, that won't crack or get indents (glass,
plastic and wood won't work). The hammering stone was out of my budget,
so I ended up finding a beautiful, flat, smooth stone, and am using that to
hammer against. It's a rather primitive idea, and I like the simplicity of it.
Sometimes I imagine that the stone will be discovered 20,000 years from now,
and archaeologists will see that someone hammered against it to make
jewelry. Very neat ^_^

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