Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fantasy Jewelry Inspired by Mystical Woodlands

Tonight I made some new ear cuffs. These are very much inspired by nature, mystical woodlands, and Elves of course!

For this ear cuff I used three glass leaf beads, two were tints of green, and the other is clear and iridescent. For a little extra touch, I also added a faceted iridescent lilac purple Swarovski Crystal.  The spirals are made out of copper wire, which I twisted and shaped by hand using various pliers.

Buy it here: Elven Ear Cuff

Elven Ear Cuff Fantasy Jewelry

A sweet Elven Priestess Ear Cuff

This ear cuff below is much simpler in design, light, and dainty. This is the dark green version; it also comes in light green, and blue. I think these are a perfect casual accessory, that dangles, but doesn't get in the way. 

A forest Elf Ear Cuff

Fantasy Jewelry, Forest Elf Ear Cuff


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