Friday, March 16, 2012

A peek in my sketchbook

A cute mermaid sketch. I've always liked this one.
Might use it in a layout or something one day. 
I really love this sketch. A regal Victorian lady with impossible, gravity defying hair,
surrounded by beautiful white lillies. I don't usually do sketches before
I paint, but in this case, I would love to turn this sketch into a painting.

Victorian Steampunk dress drawing. I love steampunk!!
The intense stare of this faerie reminds me
of Jasmine Becket-Griffith
There's something so pleasant about this sketch that makes me
feel cheery. I love her tall boots, and ruffly dress. ^_^
A 'Bad' Faerie Painting Sketch. A lot of my Fae are elegantly dressed, but when I truly envision a Fae from the Other-
realm, this is more of what I imagine. Sketchy lines, washes of colour, elongated limbs... something truly alien.
This is most likely inspired by my first Faerie influence, Brian Froud

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my sketchbook! Let me know if you think I should make any paintings out of these sketches. ^_^


  1. It's so hard to choose one, Sasha. I think they would all make great paintings. But if I had to start with just one, it would probably be the victorian lady, she's positively charming!

  2. I love all of your sketches, but the last one would be awesome as a painting!

    1. I'm glad to hear some positive feedback for the last one. I quite like her too and would love to make a finished painting one of her one day.


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