Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates Wahoo!

A beautiful sunset outside of the grocery store. 
I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunset. It casts everything in a golden glow, and makes beautiful chiaroscuro defined shadows. It's also my favourite lighting to take photographs in.

the artist moi
 What's an artist blog without a thought-provoking, emo self portrait? I also have BIG gigantor eyes that everyone insists are brown, but are actually green with a thin rust colour surrounding the pupils. I'll settle with hazel. >.>

Applied Arts Magazine
I have a subscription to Capic which sent out a complimentary issue of Applied Arts Magazine. I love designy magazines, interesting, creative advertisements, typography, and photography. Also, a big congratulations to Samantha Smith, a fellow student in the IDEA program, who received an awesome award and feature in the magazine.

Snippet from the mag
was Hemingway hardcore or what?

Original illustration by Erin Kerr.
(I hope you don't mind me posting this here. if you do just let me know)

Yesterday I visited my friend Erin (go check out her blog & deviantart^^) and was given a beautiful, original illustration she drew just for me! Every time I see her work (esp. in person), I can't help but wonder how someone so talented lives so close to me, and is someone I can call friend. I really can't express enough how thankful I am for this special gift and how much it means to me to own an original piece of her work. Her style is simply flawless - her colouring is soft and graceful, her figures are emotive, and her details are just....... mind blowing. I am saving up so I can have this piece matted and framed. It's something that I will pass on as a special heirloom if I ever have children. Thank you Erin! <3

And lastly, the adorable Honey. While I was taking some photos of random sketches (that I hope to share with you later tonight), Hun Hun decided she had to be on top of my sketchbook while I was photographing it, LOL. I might be going on a mini-trip for two weeks, and I'm going to REALLY miss her. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

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