Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun Style!

Part Two: When glue gun runs out of glue and all of the stores are closed - improvise and do something totally different! So here are some random 'Eastery' photos I took.

A little Easter magic shooting right out of my pastel blue nails!

My 'whimsical' Alice in Wonderland expression:

I really liked the perspective of this shot. Note tiny cat to the left.
I also have freckle centered on my upper lip, and you
can see it fairly well here.

I think I look like a mischievous little Faerie here, hehe:

A not-so-posed pic of me and Hon-Hon. 

I found this really cute candle stick holder from Value Village a week or so ago, and fell in love! I think it looks so cute filled with Easter candies, and will look enchanting on my balcony, where I'm making a tiny Faerie garden.

Close up of the top tulip part of the candle holder & the goodies:

I hand sewed this wrist cuff out of fabrics, ribbons, and random pretties I discovered at the fabric store. It's inspired by the Victorian era (the colour pallet), and the textures and layering and over all excessiveness, is inspired by the French Baroque period. I also painted my nails a pastel colour that suited the creme colours of the fabrics. I think it looks so enchanting next to an old illustration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (*´▽`*)

A close up of the fabric and beads and sequins. ^_^

Here is another view of the wrist cuff. If I can master sewing these, I might even post some for sale! (´ ▽`)

Tomorrow, if I can get a hold of some glue sticks for my glue gun, I'll start work on my Easter/Spring craft. 

Did you celebrate Easter? Details please! ♡^▽^♡ 


  1. That wrist cuff is so cool, very frenchy... also kinda piratey... like if there was a pirate fairy, thats what it would wear.

    The pictures of you are nice, those colours really suit you!

    1. Thank you very much! I agree about it being perfect for a pirate fairy! Hehe! :)

  2. Oh no whats a girl to do..... no glue aghhhh. There is nothing more frustratiing when creativity has to stop due to lack of materials.... thats why we have to keep eery nook cranny cupboard and shelf stocked up high, just waiting for that right momoent to strike lol the cuff is beautiful.... im so glad you found something to occupy yourself over the weekend x x x x

    1. Thanks girly! :) I loved making the cuff. I really need to experiment with sewing more. And yes! It is soooo frustrating when you go out and get everything you think you need, come home, and realize you don't have a very basic component to crafting... GLUE! So out come the needle and thread :P

  3. Good job! Sewing is a skill I wish I had... I've never gotten the hang of it.

    1. Thanks Ali! :) Yeah I'm a total no0b at sewing too! I remembered how to do basic stitches from home-ec class (about a billion years ago), and just tried to make the stitches as secure and 'attractive' as I could. :P


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