Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #02

It's Friday the thirteenth! But it's still a Friday, so that's alright with me!

Let's start off with the GORGEOUS fairy, Twig. She pretty much embodies everything I imagine in a Faerie - beautiful iridescent wings, floral head piece with flowers intertwining in her hair, beautiful swirly jewelry, Pan flutes, and of course, a very fairy demeanor!

Twig via Twig the Fairy

Umm... This one is just for me hahahahahaahaaa.

Ian Smolderhalder via Google Search

This Peter Pan shadow really brings me back to my childhood. I could so see painting him on my wall too!

Cut the silhouette of Peter out (or a fairy or other sprite) and tape
it to the top of the lampshade is what its rumored to be.
 I think it could be painted, but was just told it might have
 been photo shopped. Would be fun to figure out how to make it work.
Via Tobie Trostle

Crissy and Anda's Adorable Squittles!

My friend Crissy has a lovely shop full of  handmade Squittles. She's having a BIG sale, so I
took advantage of it, and got a lovely squittle for myself, in one of my favourite colours - Chartreuse!
Make sure to take a peek at her Squittles, and get one in your favourite colour!

I would love to call this chair my own - or even just the gorgeous vintage fabric. It looks like it's the perfect size for two people. Wouldn't it be the cutest chair for a couple at a wedding? ^_^

via Elseachelsea

A gorgeous handmade flower by my friend Heidi, which is available in her shop.
I could totally see turning it into a brooch, or attaching it to a headband, or even a purse.

via Heidi's Shop

A gorgeous bracelet featuring some of my favourite colour combos (pink and turquoise!)

via Caya Cowgirl Creations

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! Check back later tonight for another post! :)

Thank you guys for all of your kind and thoughtful responses, yesterday. It really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3 

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